AMI's Mentor Program

Are you interested in joining the AMI Mentor Program?

The AMI feels strongly that our association must meet the needs of our members - through direct, personal outreach. To accomplish this goal, the Mentor Program was developed. Volunteers in this program have had leadership experience in the AMI, and provide a personal touch in answering questions about the AMI. Mentors participating in this program bring a range of experiences that they wish to share - as practicing professionals and in their leadership roles within the AMI.

Matches are complete for the 2021 year, but you can register for the 2022 Mentor Program using the links below!


Whether it's how to utilize the AMI Member HUB, who to contact regarding copyright law, business practices issues, navigating new career choices, public relations or many other areas of interest, mentors help provide answers to their mentees about how the AMI functions. Mentees can find opportunities to contribute to the growth of the AMI, and learn how our organization is governed - ultimately enriching their professional experiences as well as their colleagues'.

Our AMI Mentor Program is open to all members of the AMI who are interested in connecting with a mentor and participating in the mentor program. The program provides a unique benefit to AMI members who are new to the association, new to the field of medical illustration, or simply would like to connect with a fellow AMI member who can serve as their mentor. If you are interested in becoming a Mentee to be paired with a Mentor, Click Here!


Mentoring an AMI member is one of the most gratifying services you will ever experience in the AMI. It's about making new friends, growing a network, learning together, building leadership, and having fun. The role of a Mentor is to share knowledge, advice, and guidance and to help your Mentee learn about the resources of the AMI, grow their knowledge and foster the beginnings of their career. It’s also about strengthening our field through tailored advisory to our newest members. The rewards of becoming a mentor are priceless. If you are interested in signing up to be a Mentor, Click Here!